Building momentum: The Domestic Workers Center

We have always spoken and brought attention to the neglect of domestic workers and the need to have their work and personal lives improved for the better by relevant interventions which address their most pressing hurdles.

Employers, have you ever wished someone would just help your helper to become that excellent professional as you yourself may be? Maybe you are that kind of boss who doesn’t want to be too harsh on your helper, you appreciate their work and presence so much that you want to keep them but you still have a few things you wish they could improve? Maybe you are still looking for a helper and you don’t really know where to start. Perhaps you are hesitating employing one because of those awful stories you heard or read about maids in the papers or on social media. If only there was a way to get assurance when it comes to employing domestic helpers, `aunty`  as we call them, well guess what, now there is!

Once a dream but not anymore! Not too far from becoming a reality is the DWC, an innovative, first-of-its-kind institution in Zimbabwe dedicated to domestic work and workers. Here, domestic helpers will be trained professionally to a standard never thought possible before.

Aunties from all walks of life will be accommodated and trained here to make sure when you hire or employ them, they deliver with that professional touch you have gotten so very used to in this modern era.

Of course you are asking, what’s so special about the DWC, well here are a few reasons why

  • Professionalism- Our trainings are not just random, they will be based on an organized, accredited curriculum, approved by the Ministry Of Education currently in the final stages of completion for the accreditation and adoption into the curriculum system.
  • Excellence driven- We offer on the job training as DWC setup is designed to meet the standard of a typical modern day home environment. The gadgets, the chores, the processes will all be done practically and hand on during learning and training thus taking the burden of having to teach them from scratch away from you, the employer.
  • Convenience- DWC is a one stop Center for all things domestic. You get the maid or gardener you want and the supplies you need for them to carry out their work as you want.
  • We are accommodating – you may not want or have time to send your worker to us, but we are prepared and ready to come to you. We can also conduct on the job training with your worker right there at home.
  • Last but not least, we are the best, the only team innovative and inspired enough to build this vision which services what were once wishes into a delivering reality, we can do it, for you, with you and for the domestic workers

This is no pipeline dream but rather a fast unfolding reality. We have membership beyond a thousand domestic workers in Zimbabwe interacting virtually via different social media platforms. We also have members in Botswana and South Africa

Trainings are already on-going on whatsApp in respect to the lockdown restrictions

We are not working alone, we are partnered with Chris&Geo Executive Domestic Placements, and referral for Placements is a plus for our members who train with us.

Wondering how you or your domestic worker can be part of this life changing initiative or benefit from our services? Very easy, Get in touch with us

To register and join our membership send `ADD ME` to 0715662953

To register your domestic worker send ` ADD MY HELPER` to 0715662953

To find a helper/placement, part time or full time CONTACT 0773 000 507 

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